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They Don’t Kid Around, it Gets Bloody

If someone asks what my favorite movie is, I always blank out, think “Oh but there are so many” and then answer “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  The truth is that I have seen the film only once, I can barely recall what the plot is, there is a mysterious neighbor, definitely black and white, and it brings up racial discrimination.  I think movies get me when the story is driven from a child’s perspective: innocent and unpretentious.

In “Moonrise Kingdom” the two protagonists may be 10 years old, but they are courageous and act on what they believe in, they don’t kid around. I don’t know if many adults can claim to have such integrity in their principles. Well… they also follow their impulses which cause trouble–lots. A first Wes Anderson movie for me. I have heard the guy is a genius.

–What do you want to be when you grow up?
–I don’t know.  Go on adventures I think.

I am totally seduced by the choreography, both of the camera and the subject in frame. Every detail is polished, even the “stage directions” are spoken to the “fourth wall” by a native of the island, who may be the inspiration for this juvenile escapade, but we don’t get there. Also I didn’t see the moon on the beach we all want to go to, except those of us scared of precarious earrings solutions. It’s daytime love, nothing naughty. I like the French song (funny). All throughout the piece, the sophisticated production design makes you feel like if you are experiencing not a motion picture, but a motion painting.

What is cool for grown-ups like ourselves, is that we get to root for every single characters, because they are all awesome actors. Banal people, but we don’t need to be sold at this point. You got Social Services, and that is a person: Tilda Swinton without a soul. I guess only in cartoon would you have to hate the bad guy, here they are all likable. I don’t quite know how he pulls it off, Anderson. I mean the casting. He must be a very charming person? Anyway, this movie won’t hurt you unless you are in it. You leave the theater uplifted, and I am still wondering why I haven’t seen the rest of his stuff.

Here’s a kiss:
–It feels hard.
–Do you mind?
–I like it.

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Flo Ankah
A French New Yorker, Flo Ankah works as an actress (Listen Up Philip, Loving the Silent Tears, Edith Piaf Alive), her voice is heard on the French daily edition of Vice News, and on numerous pictures and commercials. As a songstress she performs at Joe's Pub, Symphony Space, MoMA and Feinstein's/54 Below. Her 'passion day job' is teaching and practicing Healing Arts, unveiling the mysteries of the subconscious. |