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‘Bath Talks’

Jessica Sherr – self-produced actress

By Flo Ankah

Conversation with Jessica Sherr on her lifestyle in New York, the Bette Davis solo show she took to the Edinburgh Festival, taking everything one step at a time and things that renew her spirit, such as surfing and introspective practices like the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. website . facebook . solo show […]

Kadia Saraf – yoga ninja mom

By Flo Ankah

Conversation with yoga teacher and actress Kadia Saraf on her life as a single mom of three, true love in an independence-driven era and how she changed her lifestyle after her divorce to heal herself by implementing a rigorous physical training and daily affirmations. website . facebook . action reel iTunes mp3 or Youtube 3D

Ilinca Tuvene – international student

By Flo Ankah

Conversation with Ilinca Tuvene on moving to New York City to study, the differences in the acting industry in Europe versus the US, the process of the O1 visa for artists and identifying with two different cultures at the same time. website . facebook . instagram iTunes mp3 or Youtube 3D