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Superman Vs The Elite: A Perfect Satire?

By Nathan Liu

For the longest time, I wasn’t sure what to make of satire. In all honesty, I didn’t even know how to define it. Over the years, I received a variety of references and tools to help identify it. Questions like “does it criticize a particular aspect of society?” “Does it try to make things better?” […]

Ava DuVernay Called me Sis

By Summer Rokh

In October 2018, I got on a bus in lower Manhattan that was set to move several Background Actors ; a way for unemployed performers to get a small paycheck, to understand life on set and to get a chance to network while waiting for their big break. Working on this Netflix Docu-series “When They […]

How I Relearned to Draw and Healed my Creativity

By Val Thomas

I’ve lived most of my life considering myself not a creative person. Like anybody else, I had dabbed in photography in college, wrote a few short stories… but nothing really stuck. I always saw myself as “someone who can’t draw.” I would even laugh about it, but it didn’t bother me. There was no harm […]

This Is My Brain On Jazz

By Jon Hill

Classically trained musicians can play from printed music note for note, but take away that sheet music and they tend to be clueless. Most are perpetually baffled by how jazz musicians are able to invent musical lines in real time with nothing more than a lead sheet as a guide. The most important lesson that […]

A Clear and Purposeful First Impression

By Flo Ankah

What would the dream life of an artist be like in New York?  A building for your work full of production toys, and a little garden on the side.  You would enter through a graffiti façade.  A small door with a doorbell.  No handle, and the inscription #IdealGlass.  Meet Willard Morgan in his sanctuary for […]

Watching Someone Receive Your Love

By Flo Ankah

There are many different kinds of people who come out for nightclub performances in New York.  Since I started singing French songs a few years ago, I have made unbelievable efforts to bring all sorts of francophiles and culturally hungry to attend my shows and bring their dates along.  Sometimes it’s exhausting and your presentation […]

Tackling the title role in the first reading of a new play

By Flo Ankah

I love my playwright friends.  They are smart, inventive and you get to know them in person as well as through the different facets of their work.  Over the years, Richard Vetere, Frank Cossa and Michael Swiskay come up.  Sometimes the plays get read, even produced, and it’s a delight to see their vision coming […]

Gallery opening performance of Inner Child

By Flo Ankah

Inner Child is Live Performance with Nana Miki at Laurence Miller Gallery for the opening of “Notes from Underground: Memories of My Uncle”  by Japanese photographer KAZUO SUMIDA, January 31 – February 23, 2013. I sang La Bohème, almost a cappella.  There are 3 chords on the guitar.  I don’t play the guitar, it just […]

If You Were a Talented Filmmaker…

By Flo Ankah

…and you were showing your film for the very first time at the stupendous Ziegfield Theater in NYC, this is what it would feel like. It is silent so you can think.  It goes on for 15 mns, be prepared for a lot of thinking.  And then listen to what your mind said. Tip: filmmaker […]

What should I wear tonight?

By Flo Ankah

For this concert, I sent a survey to my newsletter and here are some of my favorite answers: – Definitely Black Floanne sweetheart, definitely black. – I always thought you looked great in black. – Pink….it’ll be unique and brings out your eyes. – Black darling you look marvelous in black… Black is overrated ..wear […]