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Watching Someone Receive Your Love

There are many different kinds of people who come out for nightclub performances in New York.  Since I started singing French songs a few years ago, I have made unbelievable efforts to bring all sorts of francophiles and culturally hungry to attend my shows and bring their dates along.  Sometimes it’s exhausting and your presentation suffers because you compromise the artistic preparation, being concerned about the business part of performance.  It is such a luxury when someone else is inviting you to present work: Broadway World announcement.  Scott Siegel is a pillar of the nightlife scene, producing countless revues and fostering new talent by giving them visibility to an audience of aficionados.

I was thrilled to be invited at the Broadway Ballyhoo for the first time, at the Laurie Beechman Theatre. I enjoyed the range of songs and personalities from the different performers.  The truth is I am not a weapon at Broadway auditions, it is frightening for me to pick my best 16 bars and hope that the person on the other side of the table knows what to do with me.  Something caught my attention that evening.  Some performers well-rounded at auditioning didn’t take time for the audience to clap at the end of their solo.  I am more experienced with solo concerts and when performing for an audience, it is important to receive the applause.

Robin Strasser on the set of One Life To Live gave me a similar note, as I was playing Colette, her French maid: “never rush on a set, you have to take ownership of the space you are performing in.”  Right after the last note of a song is the time to let people express their appreciation for your worklet them clap for you.  I think there is something hot about watching someone receive your love.  I don’t know, maybe I can also improve how I finish my full-length shows.  I mean, how do you leave after having such a great time together!

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Flo Ankah
A French New Yorker, Flo Ankah works as an actress (Listen Up Philip, Loving the Silent Tears, Edith Piaf Alive), her voice is heard on the French daily edition of Vice News, and on numerous pictures and commercials. As a songstress she performs at Joe's Pub, Symphony Space, MoMA and Feinstein's/54 Below. Her 'passion day job' is teaching and practicing Healing Arts, unveiling the mysteries of the subconscious. |