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A Clear and Purposeful First Impression

What would the dream life of an artist be like in New York?  A building for your work full of production toys, and a little garden on the side.  You would enter through a graffiti façade.  A small door with a doorbell.  No handle, and the inscription #IdealGlass.  Meet Willard Morgan in his sanctuary for creativity, an art collective he founded in 2005 after his uncle retired from the glass business.

I saw him perform with his band at Japan Society’s Globus Film Series for an evening introduced by Laurence Kardish of MoMA, after a nerdy Japanese film I didn’t see.  It was really interesting because the audience was pretty artsy-uptight at first, but for the second set, the combination of the elaborate cross-gender costumes, the faithful fans and the high-energy theatrics of Willard made everyone feel at ease and start dancing.  It was great because some of audience members dressed up in theme and they were digging the show too.

I tend to be demanding of my artist friends when they ask me about their presentation or to help them be organized.  Since Ideal Glass started applying for grants, I wanted to make sure the Mission Statement reflected the work of the team as a whole.  Pretty interesting for me to involve everyone into a dialogue about their collective goals.  Here is our attempt to present their organization with clarity and purpose.  A nice starting point.

Ideal Glass is an New York-based art collective founded by performance artist and filmmaker Willard Morgan to shock, entertain, and transform.  Collaborating with art-wear sculptor Uta Bekaia, visual artist Ayakamay, sound designer John Sully, editor Jessie Stead, the international team explores social activism, gentrification, sexual identity, and the slavery of debt—through live performance, sound recording and art video.

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Flo Ankah
A French New Yorker, Flo Ankah works as an actress (Listen Up Philip, Loving the Silent Tears, Edith Piaf Alive), her voice is heard on the French daily edition of Vice News, and on numerous pictures and commercials. As a songstress she performs at Joe's Pub, Symphony Space, MoMA and Feinstein's/54 Below. Her 'passion day job' is teaching and practicing Healing Arts, unveiling the mysteries of the subconscious. |