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Communists and Space Aliens as Metaphor in Cinema

By Jon Hill

An Homage to Paranoid Sci Fi Films of the 1950s Nowhere in all of cinema is metaphor used more brilliantly than in the sub-genre I call “paranoid Sci Fi”, and at no time was it exploited more effectively than in the decade of the 1950s. Before 1950 Science Fiction films were mostly low budget cheesy […]

The Question of Integrity–Life and the Movies

By Flo Ankah

Attending the TCM Classics Film Festival is like renewing your vows with… your love of cinema. Unlike any other festival I have been to, the programming is not for the filmmakers, but for the cinephiles (some of them hardcore buffs) traveling nationally and internationally. Most return year after year to discover newly restored gems and […]

How About the Local Film Festivals?

By Flo Ankah

I started to go to film festivals showing short projects, always a wonderful opportunity for a “workation”. You are out-of-town, can focus on the films, and it’s easier to keep up with all the networking. Somehow it’s different for me with New York-based festivals: when there isn’t a specific project to push, it’s easier to […]

Cultural Intimacy in Film = Time + Love

By Flo Ankah

Indie films are a labor of love.  Yes, the initial goal is making the best possible picture, one that realizes the director’s vision with integrity and can objectively reach its target audience.  From the perspective of the film festival goer, you watch the movie in a huge theater, there is a buzz, packed audience and […]

Dancing between Darkness and Light

By Flo Ankah

Nicolas Winding Refn does have an exciting mind.  Even if I can’t quite pronounce his name right, I became a fan of the filmmaker after watching Drive.  In both films I find his timing fascinating, I love that he clearly doesn’t care about the norm, and knows how to break boundaries.  Only God Forgives is a tale […]