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The Question of Integrity–Life and the Movies

By Flo Ankah

Attending the TCM Classics Film Festival is like renewing your vows with… your love of cinema. Unlike any other festival I have been to, the programming is not for the filmmakers, but for the cinephiles (some of them hardcore buffs) traveling nationally and internationally. Most return year after year to discover newly restored gems and […]

What Makes A Noir Character Noirish?

By Jon Hill

What has always fascinated me about film noir characters is that they are defined not by what they are, but by what they are not: what they don’t do, what they don’t have and what they never say. There is a reason for this: censorship. During the era of Nazi terror in Europe, many film […]

Jessica Sherr – self-produced actress

By Flo Ankah

Conversation with Jessica Sherr on her lifestyle in New York, the Bette Davis solo show she took to the Edinburgh Festival, taking everything one step at a time and things that renew her spirit, such as surfing and introspective practices like the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. website . facebook . solo show […]

Kadia Saraf – yoga ninja mom

By Flo Ankah

Conversation with yoga teacher and actress Kadia Saraf on her life as a single mom of three, true love in an independence-driven era and how she changed her lifestyle after her divorce to heal herself by implementing a rigorous physical training and daily affirmations. website . facebook . action reel iTunes mp3 or Youtube 3D

Ilinca Tuvene – international student

By Flo Ankah

Conversation with Ilinca Tuvene on moving to New York City to study, the differences in the acting industry in Europe versus the US, the process of the O1 visa for artists and identifying with two different cultures at the same time. website . facebook . instagram iTunes mp3 or Youtube 3D

How About the Local Film Festivals?

By Flo Ankah

I started to go to film festivals showing short projects, always a wonderful opportunity for a “workation”. You are out-of-town, can focus on the films, and it’s easier to keep up with all the networking. Somehow it’s different for me with New York-based festivals: when there isn’t a specific project to push, it’s easier to […]

Cultural Intimacy in Film = Time + Love

By Flo Ankah

Indie films are a labor of love.  Yes, the initial goal is making the best possible picture, one that realizes the director’s vision with integrity and can objectively reach its target audience.  From the perspective of the film festival goer, you watch the movie in a huge theater, there is a buzz, packed audience and […]

Taste in Movies & Early Works of a Filmmaker

By Flo Ankah

One of the reasons movies are so powerful is that they bring people together.  Every film lover has a theater of choice, a time of day, a week-end binging habit or what not where they like watching movies the most.  My theater is the Sunshine in the East Village, because the house manager greets the […]

A Clear and Purposeful First Impression

By Flo Ankah

What would the dream life of an artist be like in New York?  A building for your work full of production toys, and a little garden on the side.  You would enter through a graffiti façade.  A small door with a doorbell.  No handle, and the inscription #IdealGlass.  Meet Willard Morgan in his sanctuary for […]

Watching Someone Receive Your Love

By Flo Ankah

There are many different kinds of people who come out for nightclub performances in New York.  Since I started singing French songs a few years ago, I have made unbelievable efforts to bring all sorts of francophiles and culturally hungry to attend my shows and bring their dates along.  Sometimes it’s exhausting and your presentation […]

Tackling the title role in the first reading of a new play

By Flo Ankah

I love my playwright friends.  They are smart, inventive and you get to know them in person as well as through the different facets of their work.  Over the years, Richard Vetere, Frank Cossa and Michael Swiskay come up.  Sometimes the plays get read, even produced, and it’s a delight to see their vision coming […]

Dancing between Darkness and Light

By Flo Ankah

Nicolas Winding Refn does have an exciting mind.  Even if I can’t quite pronounce his name right, I became a fan of the filmmaker after watching Drive.  In both films I find his timing fascinating, I love that he clearly doesn’t care about the norm, and knows how to break boundaries.  Only God Forgives is a tale […]