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Nana Miki’s Ethereal at Shapeshifter Lab

By Christopher Pelham

In the evening-length dance “Ethereal,” choreographer Nana Miki seeks to convey through dance what it’s like to live with longing for the intangible, seeking some kind of invisible, spiritual connection while believing that such connections are fleeting and few. While her subject may be romantic or mystical, her physical language and imagery are for the […]

Medea – an Expatriate Archetype

By Daniela Lucia

Why do I love Medea so much? Maybe it is because it was the first tragedy I translated from ancient Greek when I was 15 years old, or maybe it is because I had always seen her as a very strong character. However, I fell in love with her again, in a completely new way […]

Martina Potratz – an innovative theater maker

By Flo Ankah

“My first exposure to theater was experiencing a children’s version of The Magic Flute. My mum was an opera fan, and she made us listen to it at home, so we knew the story.” In Germany and Switzerland where Martina Potratz grew up, getting into a government funded ensemble was the conventional path for the […]

Falling Forward with Athena Theatre at Symphony Space

By Sherry Bokser

Athena Theatre develops off-beat, irreverent, thought-provoking and entertaining new plays that address modern issues. FALLING FORWARD: an evening of ten-minute plays by Athena Writes 2018, performed at Symphony Space on May 16, 2018, is another of Athena Theatre’s successful productions. Without being dogmatic or preachy, FALLING FORWARD’s plays broach topical issues, from guns and domestic violence […]

Personal Expression of Beauty… through Cancer

By Flo Ankah

I met Suzanne Mernyk, writer of ‘Sympathy in C’ at the Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive 2017, led by the masterful Gary Garrison, who is nurturing a supportive community of playwrights across the country. Unlike acting, where you can choose to create discernment between your character’s circumstances and your personal life, playwriting is incredibly revealing. As […]

Two Couples on the Verge in ‘Subprime’

By Jon Hill

Beck Lee’s compelling new play effectively documents and dissects the death throes of two couples in the subprime of their lives and in doing so provides us with a disturbing roadmap to marital dissolution. The setting is a mid-town Manhattan hotel in the summer of 2008 just as the financial crisis is taking shape. Two 30-something couples from […]

My France in the Theater, and Suzanne

By Flo Ankah

Charles Aznavour is one of my favorite French lyricist. He wrote “La Bohème,” and “Je m’Voyais Déjà” about being the condition of the struggling artist. A few years ago, he put out an new album of enthralling compositions that I couldn’t stop playing. Favorites include “Je Danse Avec l’Amour” and “Le Chasseur” that evoke so much […]

Punctuated and Visionary Exploration of Brecht

By Flo Ankah

I have never read Bertolt Bretch.  That’s crazy, maybe I should.  The universe created in the production directed by Brian Kulick thrilled me.  The most surprising elements were the musical numbers.  It was refreshing to hear some singing in what you would expect to be a straight play.  Not only did the play feature new […]